15 Natural Hair Tools and Accessories Every Natural Queen Needs

Growing natural hair can be tedious and maintaining it can be time consuming. However, there are several tools in the market that have been designed to make managing the hair easier. Here I've discussed at least 15 of these tools so stick around and learn the uses of each. 

1. Wide tooth comb

A wide tooth comb is a comb that has wide spaces between the teeth. The wide tooth comb is better for detangling than the fine tooth comb because it allows for easier detangling and causes less breakage because of less friction and effort needed to separate tangles.

2.  Rat tail comb

The rat tail comb has a thin handle and fine teeth. The tail of the comb is used for separating, straightening and sectioning the hair for different styling processes. However, the rat tail comb should never be used to comb through hair as it could cause breakage because of its fine teeth.

3.  Detangling brush

A detangling brush does according to it's name. It is used to detangle hair. It is designed to give pain-free and easy detangling. This brush is designed in such a way as to lower the risk of damaging the hair.

4.  Edge brush

The edge brush is used to groom and lay edges. You don't actually need to lay your edges to slay the style you're carrying but once in a while you should at least spice up your edges. Personally, I hardly lay my edges but when I do, I always get that killer look.

5.  Afro pick

This comb is used to fluff the hair and give it a fuller look. This comb comes in handy when you want to add volume to your hair mostly when you do a twist-out, braid-out or a wash-and-go. It is used to pick at the roots of the hair to give it more volume.

6. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are used to hold hair in place. They are used in spicing up many up-dos, buns and other hairstyles like the fro-hawk. They come in handy when you want to do an easy go-to style.

7.  Satin bonnet/scarf

The satin bonnet helps protect your hair from damage that can be caused by friction between the hair strands and your bed while sleeping at night. It helps prevent drying out of the hair thereby keeping it moisturized. It prevents split ends and frizzy hair. 

8.  Spray bottle

The spray bottle is used to moisturize the hair. It can be used to apply a range of liquid products to the hair. My spray bottle contains water, oil and leave-in conditioner. I use it to moisturize my hair every morning before going out. Moisture is the key to healthy hair so this tool is a must have for anyone growing natural hair.

9.  Applicator bottle

The applicator bottle is used to apply oils and other scalp treatments to the scalp. It makes it easier to easily access the scalp. It is used for applying small and measured amounts of oils or treatments to the scalp. 

10.  Satin scrunchies

Satin scrunchies are used to put the hair in pony tails, buns, puffs, etc. It is best to use satin scrunchies on natural hair rather than the regular scrunchies because they cause less breakage.

11.  Micro-fiber anti-frizz towel/old t-shirt

Micro-fiber towels absorbs more water in a shorter period of time than the regular cotton towels. Less friction is needed to absorb water so they cause less breakage, split-ends and frizz. An old t-shirt also does exactly the same thing though it absorbs less water than the micro-fiber towel, it is comparably cheaper.

12.  Thermal hair cap/plastic caps

The thermal hair cap makes deep conditioning sections easier and faster. The heat helps the ingredients in the deep conditioner penetrate the hair strands faster. Plastic caps can also be used for this purpose but that means using body heat for the deep conditioning. Using heat while deep conditioning give better results in lesser periods of time compared to using just normal body heat. 

13.  Hair journal

A hair journal is used to set your hair goals,  track growth, record your mistakes, jot down newly found techniques etc. It is a very important tool for every woman growing natural hair. It is best to record your hair journey so you have something to look back to or refer colleagues to when needed. 

14.  Scissors

Trimming is a very important hair practice. The ends of the hair can become weak and damaged. Trimming off split ends and the damaged ends helps reduce further damage thereby promoting healthier hair. The hair scissors is used for trimming hair so it is important every natural hair beauty own at least one. 

15.  Butterfly clamps

Butterfly clamps are used to keep sections of the hair separated. They are useful when detangling especially kinky hair which is known to be thick and strong. It is used to hold some sections of the hair in place while working on other parts. 

So here are tools that can make your natural journey easier. I'm not saying you should get all of them. Choose the ones that you need most, invest in buying them and see how easier it will be for you to manage your hair. 

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