As an African woman with afro-textured hair, it can be a lot of work growing your natural hair but when you do, and you see it thriving, then it would be worth the hassle.

Before I go on and give you reasons why you should consider joining the natural hair community, let me tell you what natural hair is. 

A lot of people confuse the term "natural hair". In order to have a healthy hair journey, you must first understand exactly what the term "natural hair" really mean.

Natural hair is hair that have not been altered by chemicals, perms or texturizers. Kinky hair is naturally coiled. Your hair is natural as long as you do not use chemicals, perms or texturizers to alter your hair texture or coil pattern. 

Now that you know what natural hair means, I should go on with the reasons why growing natural hair is good. 

For me, I decided to grow my natural hair because of the damage relaxers did to my scalp. I almost always have burnt scalp at the end of each relaxer day. I had to stop relaxing my hair.

Some of the reasons you should grow natural hair is listed below; 

1.  It is healthier
Going natural is healthiest option for your hair.  Harsh chemicals like relaxers can damage your hair. Some might say relaxed hair can be healthy too. Yes it can, but it would affect your overall health in the long. 

2.  It is versatile

Image: @neffyfrofro

Natural hair is versatile. Some might think it's boring. It sure is when you're stuck with one hairstyle. With natural hair you have a lot of options like buns, puff, afro, twists, braids, faux locs and a lot of DIY hairstyles. You can read about some protective styles for natural hair here

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3.  It boosts your confidence

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I don't know about other people but as for me, when I had my big chop and started growing my natural hair, my self-confidence increased greatly. I felt more beautiful in my natural hair texture. 

4.  It saves time and money

Image: @jaichill_

Being natural is cheap unless you're a product junkie. All you need basically is a sulphate-free shampoo or co-wash, a leave-in-conditioner, a deep conditioner, growth oil, hair butter and a spray bottle. 

Your hair could serve you perfectly on those days you're too busy to visit the salon or low on cash to get a protective style. You just style it a bit and you're good to go. 

You could formulate DIY products to save money. Learn how to make coconut oil here. You can also check this article for some African herbs that promote hair growth. 

5.  You join a loving community

Image: @africanaturalhair

The natural hair community is very loving community. You can join facebook groups, chat forums, be a part of their events like some get together outings, seminars etc. Going natural comes with a family that is willing to help you experience a healthy and interesting hair journey. 

So that is it. If you ever decide to go natural, make sure it's your decision, not because someone else is doing it. It's your hair and you decide what to do with it. 

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