The decision to go natural is just the beginning of your natural hair journey. Whether your hair is damaged from a relaxer, texturizer, heat, color or other chemical processes. Are you going to become natural instantly or in a few months? Both are excellent choices but the decision is yours. Here is the difference between the big chop and transitioning.

The big chop is the cutting off all damaged or processed hair.

Perks of the Big Chop

Disadvantages of the Big Chop
  • Limited hairstyles options
  • Adjusting to a new look
  • The change could lead to depression for some women 

Big Chop Hairstyle Options
  • Wash & Go
  • Braids ( with or without added hair)
  • Twist Out
  • Finger Coils
  • Hair Wrap  

Transitioning is growing out your damaged hair until the new growth reaches your desired length. Afterwards, the damaged or processed hair is cut off.

Perks of Transitioning 

  • You get to learn a lot about your natural hair texture before cutting the relaxed ends off. 
  • You have longer hair
  • There are various hairstyle options

Disadvantages of Transitioning 
  • You get to deal with two textures (I would say three if you're to count the scab hair texture too)
  • It requires more maintenance 
  • Products will not respond the same on both textures.
  • You experience more breakage because of the weak ends. This reduces as your transitioning journey progresses and you trim.

Transitioning Hairstyle Options 
  • Braids (mini braids, box braids)
  • Braid out
  • Cornrows 
  • Twist
  • Twist out
  • Flat twist 
  • Puffs ( High, low, side)
  • Faux locs
  • Bantu knot out
  • Flexi rod out 

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