A hair care routine doesn't have to be so  tedious and complicated for your hair to grow. You just need to do simple things the right way. I started my hair care journey 2 years ago. At first, I did anything I saw other people doing to their hair but that didn't pay off until I started following this simple routine. 

My 2 Years Length Check 

One thing you should know is that every head of hair is unique in its own way. We may have the same same curl pattern but different porosity so doing what I do will be counterproductive. I am only sharing this routine to give you a sneak peek of what a hair care routine should look like. You can read more on how to create your own hair regimen here


I wash my hair every 2 weeks. I rotate between using a moisturizing shampoo and a clarifying shampoo depending on how much build-up or dirt  I accumulate. I use Primadonna Naturals Anti-drandruff Shampoo as my moisturising shampoo and Alberto VO5 Shampoo as a clarifying shampoo. My wash day routine is simple. I pre-poo over night with a hot oil treatment and shampoo the next morning. Before now, I pre-poo for 30 minutes before washing but it was too overwhelming to do everything in one day since I have really dense hair so I switched to pre-pooing overnight. Take note that when pre-pooing overnight, don't use a conditioner. Leaving a conditioner on for too long can lead to overmoisturized hair which in turn can cause hygral fatigue. 

Read my detailed wash day routine article here


I deep condition on every wash day. I have used a range of deep conditioning treatments but what I'm using right now is a mixture of African Pride Organics Hair Mayonnaise and Alberto VO5 Moisturizing Conditioner. This mixture is both strengthening and moisturising. I have low porosity hair so I make it a habit to always use heat while deep conditioning to help force my cuticles open and help the treatment penetrate better. Usually, I use an electric heating cap for this purpose but when electricity is out, I warm the mixture using the double boiler method before applying on my hair.


I do protein treatments at least every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the state of my hair. Sometimes I go longer periods before doing protein treatments because the mixture I use for deep conditioning already give my hair a balance of both moisture and protein. However, when I do a full protein treatment I use the ApHogee 2-Minute Reconstructor. This is a gentle protein treatment for my low porosity hair when compared to its other counterpart - AphoGee Two-step Protein Treatment. I tried the Two-step Protein Treatment one time and it left my hair too hard even after a moisturizing treatment so I no longer use it. After a protein treatment, I always follow up with a moisturising treatment to balance out. 


After deep conditioning I rinse out with water, followed by an ACV rinse. Recently, I've been rotating between the ACV rinse and guava leaves tea rinse. Apple cider vinegar helps balance the scalp pH and kill off bacteria leaving the scalp healthy and ready for new growth. Guava leaves are packed with nutrients including vitamin B and C which boosts collagen activity and help support hair growth. Guava leaves have the ability to stop hair loss. These two rinses are very important in my hair care routine.


After rinsing, I seal in moisture using the LOC method. I apply a leave-in conditioner, follow with an oil then a cream or butter. The leave-in conditioners I'm using currently are Primadonna Hair Softener and Kuza  Jamaican Black Castor Oil Repair Cream Leave-in Conditioner. For oil and cream, I use my DIY ayuverdic infused oil and Hair Wonder Rich Daily Moisturizing and Repair Cream.


I put my hair in a protective style after sealing moisture. I either install twists or braids on my hair and let it be till the next 2 weeks when I wash again. I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb before twisting or braiding. This is the only time I put a comb in my hair. 


I finger detangle right after taking down a protective style. After detangling, I apply my hot oil treatment, put in chunky twists, cover overnight and shampoo the next day. 


I don't have a set interval for trims. I trim when I notice my thinning or split ends.


It is important to care for the hair while in protective styles if not the whole purpose of protective styling will be defeated. Here is my hair care routine in protective styles; 

I moisturize my hair every 2 days by spraying my scalp and hair lightly with water from a spray bottle. You don't need to drench your hair while doing this. After spraying water, I seal in the moisture with an oil, usually castor oil mixed with olive oil or my DIY ayuverdic oil. After that, I  gently massage my scalp and edges with the oil, allow my scalp to breath for a while before putting back in ponytail. I do this to keep my hair moisturized and in good condition until the day I decide to take down the protective style. 

My hair care routine is subject to change as time goes on because I'm always trying new things. I'll keep sharing updates with you here.

I hope you find this information useful. My hair care routine can serve as a template or sample to creating yours. If you need help with creating a hair care routine suitable for your hair texture, you can book a consultation session with me using this link.

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